Popular Education Tools

Several organizations make their popular education curriculum available for free download or for purchase. Here are a few:

An extremely comprehensive wiki resource for organizers to share curriculum and popular education materials.

  • Data Center

For nearly 40 years, DataCenter was an independent research organization for social justice movements and grassroots organizing. Rooted in progressive social movements and grounded in values of justice and self-determination for communities, DataCenter used research as a tool to centralize community power and transform society.  Here are some of the resources they developed:

An Introduction to Research Justice

Our Voices, Our Land: A Guide to Community-based Strategies for Mapping Indigenous Stories.

Campaign Research Tool-kit

Dr. Pop is a popular education website that helps people become better story-tellers and strategic thinkers.We do this by telling stories ourselves, explaining complicated things in simple ways, and showing how and why we did it. Along the way we focus on how the economy, urban planning, and democracy work; provide living examples of how they can work better; and offer tools for organizers, educators, students, activists, and all manner of curious people who are interested in change.

Through research, analysis and shared dialogue, Forward Together develops a range of tools and media that support reproductive justice organizing and movement building work. These resources provide lessons and models for effectively advancing reproductive justice on the ground and for strengthening the coordination, collaboration and strategy of the Reproductive Justice Movement.

Movement Generation Justice & Ecology Project inspires and engages in transformative action towards the liberation and restoration of land, labor, and culture. We are rooted in vibrant social movements led by low-income communities and communities of color committed to a Just Transition away from profit and pollution and towards healthy, resilient and life-affirming local economies.  Their curriculum supports organizers to understand the roots of the ecological crisis and how to be part of regenerative and restorative solutions.

 This curriculum supports resident leaders in partnering with local planning and development agencies to make equitable development a reality in their neighborhoods.Participants learn how to become advocates for sustainable and equitable development issues in their communities.The workshop builds new relationships and aims to demystify regional equity and encourage local leaders to partner and participate in regional efforts

A curriculum guide to build the capacity of community residents to engage in generating solutions to the impacts of diesel truck and train traffic on community health quality of life.

A resource connecting popular and community-based educators and activists to resources for improving educational work in social movements against oppression and for democracy, sustainability, justice and peace.

SOUL has developed five different manuals to support youth and community organizations around the country in running their own political education programs. Our Training for Trainers Manual and Global Justice Training Manual help organizers build our peoples’ skills and analysis, plus our newest manuals, Youth Organizing for Community Power and the NEW edition of our popular Political Education manual, Building Power, Sharpening Minds! Also check out Support and Accountability: SOUL’s Organizational Development & Supervision Model for ideas on how we build organization.

UFE’s trainings help participants to understand the root causes of economic inequality and take collective action to build a more just economy and society.

Oakland-based climate justice organizer Joshua Kahn-Russell’s blog includes lots of facilitation and organizing resources.